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! Official Bologna Proces and the European Higher Education Area website 2007 -2013 →


gwiasdka Council of Europe →

gwiasdka European Commission - Education & Training →

gwiasdka European Univeristy Association (EUA) →

gwiasdka UNICA - Network of Universities from Capitals of Europe →

gwiasdka European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) →

gwiasdka - gateway to recognition of academic and professional qualifications →

gwiasdka European Students' Union -

gwiasdka International Association of Universities →

gwiasdka EURYDICE - Network on Education Systems and Policies in Europe →




gwiasdka Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland →

gwiasdka FRSE - Foundation for the Development of the Education System →

gwiasdka KRASP - Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland →

gwiasdka Students' Parliament of the Republic of Poland →

gwiasdka ENIC-NARIC in Poland →

gwiasdka The State Accreditation Comittee →

gwiasdka University Accreditation Comission →




gwiasdka Systemic project "Stock-taking of the Qualifications and Competences Functioning on the Labour Market in Poland as well as Working out of Model of National Qualification Framework" →

gwiasdka "Life Long Learning Programme" →

gwiasdka TUNING Programme →

gwiasdka The Scholarship and Training Fund (STF) →